Europe Moves on Wine Ingredient Labeling

Europe Moves on Wine Ingredient Labeling

European regulation is pushing wine producers to list the ingredients and nutritional information of their wines. 

What’s in my bottle of European wine? Mainly fermented grape juice, but what else has it been made with? We may soon get answers, when the EU adopts rules on the mandatory listing of wine ingredients and nutritional information on labels.

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And with this comes a lot of questions:

“Some people are confused about what a list of ingredients is. Processing aids are not ingredients,” said CEEV general secretary, Ignacio Sanchez Recarte.

Professor Dr Simone Loose, head of the Wine and Beverages Department at Germany’s Geisenheim University, said that the definition of processing aids and ingredients was now crucial to labelling legislation.

Whatever the end decision will be, it is pretty obvious that the label estate won’t be large enough to be compliant with the details of the information needed. Nor will the wine lists in restaurant provide all the information needed. Hence the idea to use digital solutions such as QR codes to present the information:

The CEEV and CEVI said wine producers were now assessing ways to provide a list of ingredients off label using electronic formats. Industry critics have, however, accused them of attempting get around the obstacle of transparency by lobbying for the listing ingredients off-label, via QR codes, which most consumers would not use.

Ultimately, as regulations will evolve, the need to have a flexible wine list with accurate information for each wine will become even more critical. That’s the reason why digital solutions such as wine list on iPads can help. On COENA’s wine list on iPad, each wine has its own detail sheet that describes tasting notes, ingredients, cepages:

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This screen is highly customizable and enable customers to read details information about each wine.

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