From Vine to Wine

From Vine to Wine

We love Borel’s overriding theory about wine, that people shouldn’t buy wine based on its perceived value or popular opinion. Marc encourages people to break down the factors of what they like or don’t like, to enhance their next purchase.

“It’s important to recognize what you don’t like. Is something too dry, tannic, juicy, or sweet? Knowing that helps identify what you could enjoy instead. I’m a big believer that you should drink what you like. If you like the six-dollar stuff at Target, you should drink it,” he says. “[Because of my job] I get to taste stuff that is rare and unique, so it’s easy for me to understand what I like and don’t like. So my job is to give you something you like, without judgment, and with a smile.”

COENA helps sommeliers like Marc Borel to present their wine list on iPad, so that customers in the restaurants or at wine bar/shops filter the wine list based on what we call “tasting profiles”. Tasting profiles are appealing to customers because they describe what customers like, not countries, regions or vintage year.

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