The World’s Most Wanted Australian Wines

The World's Most Wanted Australian Wines

When customers navigate a wine list in a restaurant or look at wines at their local wine shop, reputation is what influences the most the choice. The article below from wine-searcher takes Australian wines as an example of wines having the reputation of being reliable, affordable reds. But the reality is much more interesting, as the article rightly called out:

Australia built its reputation on reliable, affordable reds, but it would be foolish to think that’s all it does. Has there ever been a wine-producing country so misrepresented by perception as Australia? The country has a fine, long winemaking tradition and is home to some of the finest winegrowing regions on earth, capable of producing eye-catching wines in a dizzying array of styles, and yet there have been those who would seek to dismiss Australia as merely a producer of simple, fruit-forward wines of no great note.

The list below represents the most searched-for Australian wines on Wine-Searcher:

Most Wanted Australian Wines on Wine-Searcher

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Each wine in the wine has a details sheet that presents not only the typical information you would expect from a wine (vintage, region, country, grapes) but also the tasting notes, the matching meals and photos and description of the vineyard. This is ultimately how you can challenge reputation and offer a different perspective on a wine.