Why should I collect customer feedback within my restaurant ?

Satisfaction clientèle restaurant

Know what’s inside my customers’ brain

I’d like to know what my customers think about my meals, the drinks served and the service quality.

Satisfaction clientèle restaurant

Increase my customers’ loyalty

I’d like to increase my customers’ loyalty and make them come more often.

Satisfaction clientèle restaurant

Increase my ranking on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google

I’d like to improve my note/ranking on online reviews sites.

Do you know what customers think about your meals ? your drinks ? the quality of your service ?

The increased popularity of online reviews

Online Reviews

  • 60% of french give their opinions about restaurants they went to
  • 68% of millennials trust online reviews
  • Consumers trust much more (12x in fact) online reviews than restaurants’ promotions
  • Customer feedback is typically collected outside the restaurant by companies such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google..

The impact of online reviews on restaurants

  • 61% of consumers have read online reviews before going to a restaurant
  • Each star gained on Yelp increase the restaurant’s profitability on average by 5-9 %
  • Customers spend on average 31% more in restaurants with excellent online reviews
  • Too often, restaurants are late to notice critics and bad review online that damage their e-reputation and brand


What if you could get back the control of your reviews ?

Capture easily customer feedback within your restaurant

  • 3 categories with customizable label:  meal, drinks, service
  • Restaurant’s logo displayed on all screens
  • Running on iPads, located at the POS or given to customers at table
  • 3 taps are enough to let customers give you their feedback

Collect comments and information contacts

  • Your customers can leave you a comment and their contact details if they want
  • Fully compliant with privacy regulations and GDPR
  • Data are stored in the tablet and in a secured cloud (hosted at Apple)

Start now collecting feedback: try SATISFACT for free during 30 days

Do you own an iPad ? Even a old version (up to 4 years) will make it. Try SATISFACT for free during 30 days and start collecting feedback from your clients today.

60% of restaurant customers leave a comment online on review sites such as Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor
75% wouldn't have given their feedback to an online review site if they would have been given the possibility to leave feedback directly TO the restaurant
100 contacts information stored monthly, per tablet, by SATISFACT
One star gained on TripAdvisor leads to an 5-9 % increase in profitability

Daily’s satisfaction note

  • Average daily satisfaction note calculated by SATISFACT
  • Calculated for all three categories separately (meals, drinks, and service)
  • Easy inference of what your customers think

e-Reputation management tool

  • Send automatic eMail to your most critics customers as well as to your ambassadors
  • eMail text customizable, sent directly from your eMail account
  • Ambassadors are encouraged to share their experience on online reviews you provide the link to
  • Customizable parameters to define “critics” and “ambassadors” groups

Administration from the tablet. No need for any PC

  • Customize categories labels
  • Export data in Excel CSV format


What our customers think about SATISFACT

“We were able to collect more than 400 eMail in 4 months thanks to SATISFACT.”

Alexandre Ligier Le Loft, Lons-le-saunier

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