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Our most recent technical articles

Acces guide iPad carte des vins

How do I lock my iPads on the COENA wine list?

In order to prevent your customers from accessing other applications (such as Safari, eMail, etc.) than your wine list COENA, we strongly encourage you to lock your iPads on the COENA DigitalMenu app. In order to lock an iPad on an app, follow the tutorial below, which describes the “Guided Access” feature in iPad OS: […]

Import your wines from Excel into the COENA platform

When setting up your wine list on iPad, we work with you to import your existing wine list into our platform. For that, we use an Excel spreadsheet that you can download yourself below. This process is faster than the iPad administration interface to add a large number of wines at once (typically more than […]

iPad models COENA Wine List

Which iPad models are compatible with COENA Digital Menu ?

Our wine list on iPad solution doesn’t need a powerful iPad to run. Also, we currently support the last three versions of iOS (iOS 12, iOS 13 and iOS14), which gives you a broad range of devices compatible. If you are not certain which iPad you have, most models can be identified externally by Model […]

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Our most recent tutorials

QR Code carte restaurants

Create a QR-Code for your restaurant menu

Thanks to our QR-Code creation module, it has never been so easy to offer your menu, aperitifs, digestifs and wine list via a QR-Code to your customers. The benefits of the QR-Code are multiple: No contact with paper: restaurant customers “flash” the QR-Code from their smartphone. In these times of uncertainty with the Covid19, this […]

Photoshop wine bottle photo for wine list on iPad

Tutorial: Editing wine bottles photos and importing them into COENA

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to edit a wine bottle photo (that you have taken yourself or downloaded from the datasheet of the wine) and import it into COENA. The right format In order to look great in your wine list on iPad COENA, the bottle photos  should fit into a rectangle that […]

Wine Domain and Producer notes and photos

Tutorial: Editing the wine domain and producer notes and photos

The wine details editor screen has three panes that you can access by pushing on the buttons at the bottom of the screen: Name/Region/Prices Tasting Notes / Food Pairing Domain/ Producer notes and photos In this article, we describe the fields of the third pane: domain and producer notes and photos. Domain, producer notes and […]

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