Introducing Multi-Select Wines Feature for Wine Management

Aimed at enhancing user experience and efficiency, the new multi-select feature in the wine management screen enables quick bulk edits to wines.

Multi-Select Mode

At the heart of this update is the addition of a new button on the top right of the wine management screen, labeled “Select”.

This button activates the ‘multi-select mode’, allowing users to select multiple wines from their list easily.
A press on the button “Cancel” de-activates the mode, offering a seamless toggle between one-by-one wines editing and multiple selections.


New Quick Actions Menu

When in multi-select mode, a newly integrated button “…” appears, offering a pop-up menu that enables users to execute quick actions on the selected wines.


This feature is particularly beneficial for users managing extensive wine collections, significantly reducing the time and effort required for bulk actions.

Quick actions available

  • Select All: select all the wines in the category
  • Unselect All: unselect all the wines in the category
  • Generate Tasting Notes: Leveraging the power of GenAI, users can now generate tasting notes across multiple languages on multiple wines selected
  • Set Stock to 0: For users with the stock management module enabled, this action allows for the quick updating of all stock for selected wines to zero, streamlining inventory management
  • Move to Cellar: This feature is a boon for those who manage multiple cellars. Users can effortlessly move selected wines to a different cellar, with the system displaying a list of available cellars for easy selection.
  • Delete selected Wines: this action allows for the quick deletion of selected wines from the list, ensuring that wine lists are always up-to-date and manageable.

Another Step Forward in Wine Management

This new feature from COENA is more than just a technical update; it reflects the growing need of our users to easily update and manage their wine list.
By integrating advanced technology like GenAI and offering a user-friendly interface, we are aiming to set new standards in the realm of wine management.

Whether it’s for a professional sommelier or a F&B Manager, these enhancements promise to make the experience of managing a wine collection more enjoyable, efficient, and intuitive.