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Enhancing the Wine Experience at La Sultana with COENA

We are thrilled to welcome La Sultana, an esteemed collection of luxury hotels and restaurants in Marrakesh and Oualidia, to the COENA family. Known for its opulent ambiance, exceptional service, and culinary excellence, La Sultana continually seeks to elevate the guest experience. Our partnership aims to revolutionize their wine program, offering unparalleled convenience and enriching the dining experience for their discerning clientele.

Seamless Cellar Management Across Multiple Locations

One of the standout features of COENA’s platform is its advanced cellar management capability. For La Sultana, this means a streamlined process for overseeing the wine lists of their three prestigious restaurants from a single account. The days of juggling multiple systems and manual updates are over. With COENA, sommeliers and restaurant owners can effortlessly manage their wine lists from one iPad, regardless of their location.

Imagine the simplicity: a head sommelier in Marrakesh can update the wine list for a restaurant in Oualidia in real-time. Adding a newly discovered vintage or seasonal selection takes mere seconds, ensuring that each restaurant’s wine offerings are always current and reflective of the best available choices. This feature not only saves time but also enhances the consistency and quality of the wine lists across all locations.

Elevated Guest Experience

La Sultana’s guests are accustomed to luxury and attention to detail, and the COENA platform enhances this experience by making the wine selection process interactive and engaging. At the table, guests can use an iPad to navigate the extensive wine list with ease. No longer confined to static menus, diners can search for specific wines, filter selections by region, or explore detailed insights about unique wines from around the world.

This digital approach transforms the traditional wine list into a dynamic experience. Guests can learn about the terroir of a particular wine, discover the story behind a boutique winery, or find perfect pairings for their meal. The ability to filter and search wines by region or varietal empowers guests to make informed choices, enhancing their overall dining experience.

A Journey of Discovery

La Sultana’s partnership with COENA not only streamlines operations but also enriches the guest journey. By integrating COENA’s innovative wine list management into their dining experience, La Sultana is setting a new standard for luxury hospitality in Marrakesh and Oualidia. Guests will delight in the seamless blend of tradition and technology, where the rich history of wine meets modern convenience and sophistication.

We are proud to support La Sultana in their pursuit of excellence and look forward to the continued success of this remarkable collaboration.

Here’s to many more years of fine wine and unforgettable dining experiences at La Sultana.