How to transition to a Digital Wine List with COENA

In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, staying ahead of technology trends is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Restaurants and hotels are moving away from traditional paper wine lists to more dynamic, interactive digital formats. At COENA, we started this digital revolution back in 2018, partnering with hundreds of restaurants worldwide, from boutique restaurants to large chains.

Here’s how incredibly easy it is to switch from a paper wine list to a COENA iPad wine list.

Step 1: Acquire an iPad

The first step is straightforward – acquire an iPad. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be brand new. Any iPad that can run iPadOS 15 or later is perfect for the job. Typically, COENA’s customers purchase between 5 and 10 iPads, ensuring that the digital experience is readily available to multiple customers simultaneously.

Step 2: Leverage COENA’s Excel Template

The next step involves transferring your current wine list to COENA’s platform. This is made incredibly simple with COENA’s Excel template, which can be downloaded from our website. The beauty of this template is its simplicity; not all information needs to be filled in immediately, and familiar spreadsheet software like Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or Apple Numbers can be used. Once completed, the template is sent to the COENA team for processing.

Step 3: Add Personalization

To add a personal touch, restaurants and hotels are encouraged to provide a logo and a high-quality photo of their establishment. This personalization ensures that the digital wine list not only functions well but also aesthetically complements the restaurant or hotel’s ambiance.

Quick Turnaround Time

Once the information is in the hands of the COENA team, the magic happens fairly quickly. Within 48-72 hours, access to the brand-new digital wine list is granted. This rapid turnaround time ensures minimal disruption to the business.

Easy Updates and Management

Three fingers swipe down wine list iPad

One of the most remarkable benefit of COENA’s system is the ease of updating the wine list. Restaurant owners, sommeliers, and F&B managers can modify their wine list anytime and from anywhere, using COENA’s user-friendly administration interface. This interface is accessible from any iPad running the COENA DigitalMenu app. Any updates made are immediately reflected across all iPads in the restaurant, ensuring that customers always have the latest information.

Editing wine information details on iPad

The Benefits

The advantages of switching to a digital wine list are numerous. Updates to the wine list can be made in a matter of seconds, a game-changer for restaurants with frequently changing wine selections. Additionally, managing inventory becomes significantly easier, as everything can be controlled directly from an iPad. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall efficiency of the establishment.

In conclusion, transitioning to a digital wine list with COENA is not just a step towards modernization but also a smart business decision. It streamlines operations, offers an enhanced customer experience, and keeps your establishment technologically up-to-date. With COENA, the future of wine listing is not just digital – it’s efficient, stylish, and incredibly user-friendly.