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Import your wines from Excel into the COENA platform

When setting up your wine list on iPad, we work with you to import your existing wine list into our platform.

For that, we use an Excel spreadsheet that you can download yourself below. This process is faster than the iPad administration interface to add a large number of wines at once (typically more than 50 wines), and it has the merit of leveraging a tool that you are very likely familiar with: Excel.

Moreover, you probably already have your wines in a spreadsheet, which will enable you to copy/paste your data into the new spreadsheet used for import.

Download the Excel spreadsheet file for importing your wines

To download the Excel file that you will fill in with your wines, click on the image below:

Wine List import into iPad

Save the file on your PC/Mac and open the file with Excel.

The format of the Excel spreadsheet

First of all, in order to facilitate the import process on the platform, please do not add or delete any columns. If you do not use certain columns, use the “hide column” function in Excel.

Please note that only certain columns are mandatory for each wine:

  • Type (category)
  • Country
  • Wine region
  • Appellation or Domain
  • Price for each volume offered
  • Oenorium category (if you want to offer the Oenorium to your customers)

How to fill in the table

Here is a video tutorial that explains how to fill in the Excel sheet and the meaning of each column:



In case of you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us !



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