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Display your wine on 1,2 or 3 lines with COENA

At COENA, we quickly noticed that each restaurant has its own wine list format (our clients sell from 120 to 2200 wines with their iPad).
It was therefore important to give our restaurateurs and sommeliers the possibility to customize their wine list and choose the right format, in order to offer customers a perfect experience.

Since version 2.36, our customers have the option to choose the format in which their wines are displayed on the menu: 1, 2 or 3 lines.
The properties of these 3 formats are summarized in this article, as well as instructions on how to switch from one format to another.

3 lines format

This is the most common format, which allows you to display the appellation on the first line, the domain/winemaker on the second, and the vintage on the third. This is the format to choose if you want to display the bottle photos on the left.


  • Large space for each reference
  • Optimal readability
  • Bottle photo (optional)


  • Limited number of wines displayed per screen
  • To be avoided on large wine list of 350+ references, the customer would spend too much time browsing the list and scrolling


2 lines format

This is the compromise format, which allows to display the appellation on one line, the domain/vineyard on the line below and the vintage on the right.
By choosing this format, you are able to display more references on one screen and thus reduce the need for vertical scrolling.



  • Ideal height for presenting references: about 9 references per screen (iPad 10″)
  • Optimized readability
  • Very suitable for lists between 350-800 references, with a limited number of similar wines per appellation


  • No bottle pictures
  • No grouping by appellation, but a display of references sorted by appellation in alphabetical order (thus repeating the appellation for each reference)


1 line format

It is the ideal format for large cards (400+ references), allowing you to optimize the number of references per screen.
It is also the best format to use if you have many references per appellation (different vintages…) and want to group them together.

Carte des vins tablette iPad numérique large liste


  • Optimized height to show a large number of references per screen: 19 references (iPad 10″)
  • Grouping by appellation
  • Very well suited for cards with more than 500 references, with a large number of similar wines per appellation


  • No bottle photos
  • More classic and less “airy” display


Choose the display format of your references on 1, 2 or 3 lines (instructions)

To switch from one display format to another, simply

  • open the COENA administration interface
  • select “Settings”
  • choose the number of lines per wine reference
  • save

The display format is saved for each account: all iPads connected to the account show the references in the same format.