Sell with COENA

Integrate COENA into your consulting engagement and offer your customers a wine list on iPad that you can manage at anytime form anywhere. Anticipate stock refurbishment at your clients.


Build an integration with COENA to add powerful functionality to your core offering and showcase it to customers across the globe. As an integration partner, you’ll gain access to our APIs and work with our team to provide a seamless customer experience.


Spread the word about COENA products and earn competitive commissions on new users you bring in. Unlock resources and benefits to help manage your sales cycle such as marketing collateral, demo version and onboarding support.

Wine List on iPad

Discover the wine list that is easy to clean and disinfect

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Display your wine list and menu on your client’s smartphone: the perfect “no touch” solution

Increase your wine revenue by 10-25%

Get the attention of your customers and let them navigate your wine list through our interactive and intuitive wine list on iPad. Customers can filter wine by type, region, matching meals and tasting profile. A perfect assistant to your waiter/sommelier.

Manage your wine list with a touch

Your wine list is always accurate. Label, price, vintage, current stock: everything is up-to-date.
Thanks to our innovative administration interface on iPad, any wine can be edited, removed, added or switched from bottle to by-the-glass within a couple of seconds.

Smart Wine Inventory Management

We reinvented how wine inventory management is done. Thanks to our Business Intelligence Platform, you can correlate your data (sales, purchases, or any action on stock) with external data sources (weather, winery stock, global prices) to gain an edge on your competition.

Know what’s inside my customers’ brain

I’d like to know what my customers think about my meals, the drinks served and the service quality.

Increase my customers’ loyalty

I’d like to increase my customers’ loyalty and make them come more often.