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How the restaurant Le Cantou manages 1200 wines with one iPad

Le Cantou restaurant, et sa carte des vins sur iPad

Le Cantou : the Restaurant and its Park

Since 1972, this Toulouse-based farmhouse welcomes its guests for a moment of relaxation and happiness. Upon the arrival of the first rays of the sun one can dine on the terrace, enjoy the beauty of the park with flowers and trees, take the time, watch the atypical ballet of aircrafts and enjoy …. In winter, Cantou guests are comfortably seated in an elegant and warm interior. At any time of year, one lives a pleasant moment, welcomed by a very attentive staff. A romantic destination and faultless service. For group meals, part of the restaurant can even be privatized.

The Chef, Philippe Puel

In the kitchen, Philippe Puel composes a creative and original cuisine, full of finesse and freshness. To surprise its customers and seduce them, the menu changes every day, according to the market and the moods of the Chef. The products are fresh and carefully selected.

Philippe Puel

The team

A team of 18 people is listening and serving, so that every moment spent in Cantou is the most pleasant and friendly possible. Cathy is welcoming, advising and guiding the guests. Philippe and Benjamin have the mission to serve them. Bertrand, the sommelier of the establishment, shares his expertise and advises the perfect wine for every moment: his help is precious because the restaurant has a cellar of more than 1200 wines.

Equipe le Cantou


The wine cellar

More than 1200 wines, a daily selection for customers to discover amazing bottles, and Bertrand le Sommelier who guides customers for the most difficult choices. Want to order a whole bottle and not sure whether you’ll be able to drink it entirely ? The restaurant carefully packs, in a bag with the logo of Le Cantou, what has not been drunk, so that the pleasure continues, even outside their walls …

The winery received the 2016 Lucien Vanel Prize for the best South West wine list.

A beautiful Wine List on iPad to add a “touch” of modernity

COENA Wine List on iPad fits perfectly with the restaurant, showing the logo and photo of the Toulouse’s farmhouse, and a welcome screen bridging the modern aspect of the product with the authenticity of the restaurant.

Customers of the restaurant choose firstly a category of wine (champagnes, reds, white, rosés and sweet wines) and navigate the wine list from the category chosen through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The wines are sorted by region, appellation and domain names. The list is always accurate, showing only wines that are in stock, and the products available in half bottle, magnum or jeroboam are easily found.

The “specials of the sommelier” have their own category, accessible by the customer within two “touches”.



Managing the wine inventory in real time: inputs, outputs and update of stock information within a couple of seconds

After each service, Bertrand, the sommelier, updates the stock information directly within the COENA Wine List app. All transactions are stored in the secured cloud COENA, and the actuel stock for each wine is pushed to all iPads in the restaurant.
The interface is easy to use, and Bertrand can see the impact of each transaction (sales, broken bottle, corked bottle or new bottles coming in) directly on the screen before executing it:


Geolocation of the bottle in the wine cellar and real time stock view for the waiter/sommelier

With more than 4000 bottles in the wine cellar, being able to quickly access a bottle ordered by a customer is critical. Thanks to COENA Wine list on iPad, each waiter in the restaurant can see in real time how many bottles are left for any wine on the list, as well as the location of the bottle in the wine cellar (zone, column, row). This feature enables waiters to gain a precious time during service.



Le Cantou: next steps

COENA Wine List went live at the restaurant Le Cantou in July 2019. The feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive from the first day.

The Wine list on iPad contributes to the overall customer experience within the restaurant, and has raised the curiosity of many wine lovers while guiding others through the impressive list of 1200 wines. Being able to manage the wine list from an iPad as well as the stock for each bottle has been greatly appreciated from Bertrand and his team.



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