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The restaurant “La Manufacture de Bruxelles” chooses COENA for its wine list on iPad

About the restaurant

A printing house in the past, before becoming the cave of the leather goods manufacturer Delvaux… until the place was fully renovated with leather, wood, blue stone, granite and dimmed light caressing the red brick walls. A place full of atmosphere where proportions play the superlatives, the rigid geometry of a stunning modernism. The flavours crossbreed, the continents meet.

The culinary traditions of the old continent conjugate the flavors with the lightness of the Asian cuisine, following the rhythm and the colors of the seasons. The wines also pull the exotic card, without ignoring the classic grand crus. When the weather agrees, outside dining in the peaceful courtyard is possible, in the shade of giant bamboo.

A wine list on iPad that integrates itself perfectly with the restaurant

La Manufacture‘s customers are welcomed with a wine list that fits perfectly with the brand and image of the restaurant:  modern, innovative et personal. Thanks to the easy and visual navigation, customers can navigate through the menus, daily dishes, drinks list and wine list.

Multilingual French, English and Dutch

The restaurant La Manufacture is located in Brussels, Belgium. As a highly frequented touristic place and also the capital of  a country where two languages are spoken daily, it made a lot of sense to be able to navigate the menu, drinks and wine list on iPad in three different languages. From the welcome screen, customers can switch from one language to another thanks to the “flags buttons” located at the bottom right of the screen.


130 Wines on the list

When a restaurant such as La Manufacture showcases its wine list containing 130 wines (including wines from countries such as Lebanon, New Zealand, Australia, Austria and Switzerland), an interactive wine list on iPad makes a lot of sense.  Printing a description of all 130 wines on paper quickly damages the customer’s experience and make the whole wine list unreadable.

Thanks to COENA wine list on iPad, customers can easily filter wines per regions, colours and discover the specificity of each wine, thanks to an immersive digital experience.


Nine iPads in the restaurant synchronised. An easy-to-use interface to manage the wine list directly from any tablet in the restaurant.

All nine tablets given to customers in the restaurant are synchronised and connected to a back-end hosted at Apple. Waiters or any personal in the restaurant can add, modify or remove any wine from the wine list. Those changes are done through one of the tablet and trigger the synchronisation of all tablets in the restaurant.

There is no need for any PC to manage the wine list.


Wines sales expected to increase by 15-20%, easy management of the wine list and an unforgettable customer experience

La Manufacture’s customers are immersed into the wine cellar of the restaurant, and discover through the easy navigation on the iPad the photos of the bottles, the tasting notes, as well as photos from the wine domains and the wineries. All this experience triggers interest for the wines and facilitate the conversation with the waiter and sommelier when the time comes to order.

The result ?

Typically a 15-20% increase in wine sales, an average time of 5-7 minutes gained for the waiters when it comes to take the order, and a digital customer experience in the restaurant that customers take to their social media networks.

COENA wishes the restaurant La Manufacture Bruxelles a lot of success and thank the owners for choosing COENA as their preferred vendor to deliver an innovative wine list on iPad.


Contact information of the restaurant:

RESTAURANT La Manufacture
Rue Notre Dame du Sommeil 12 1000 Bruxelles
Tél: +32 (0)2 502 25 25