Technical Note

Stock Management: how to track wines sold by the glass ?

How to track wines sold by the glass ?

In COENA's stock management module, you can track wines sold by the glass. Here is how to do it.


  • In order to track wines sold by the glass, you need to have a license for COENA stock management module.
    COENA's wine stock management module enables you to track the stock of your wines in real or near time
    for every volume sold.
  • For a wine to be sold by the glass, a price under the volume "glass" should be entered in the wine details form
  • In the stock management view, you can select the count of glasses per bottle (typically between 5-6)
  • Tracking wines sold by the glass only work for standard size bottles (75cl)

How to track wines sold by the glass

  • Login to the administration interface on one of the iPads connected to  your account
  • Choose "Inventory Management"
  • On the top of the screen, in the volume selection bar, select "Glass": the list of wines offered by the glass are shown for the current wine category.
  • Select one of the wine in the list
  • A view will appear with the current stock and stock after operation for the wine bottles and glasses
  • Select the number of glasses you sold. You will notice that the stock of the bottles will decrease automatically depending on the number of glasses left
  • Execute the operation

What will be reported in your analytics module

While the transaction of selling glasses of wines are tracked internally by COENA, your typical dashboard will continue to show sales by bottles.

If you have purchased and activated the POS integration module

You can either use the order feature (from the customer's wine list view) and specify the volume "glass", as well as the quantity of glasses or the stock management module as explained above.

Where to find more information

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