Technical Note

Full-screen mode and multi-cave filter

Carte vins iPad tablette full screen

Version 2.30 of COENA brings, in addition to iPadOS 15 support, two new features whose benefits are summarized below.
Note: as part of COENA contract, all our customers have access to these new features for free as part of their subscription.

Full-Screen mode

In version 2.30 of COENA, the application’s interface goes full-screen: there are no more “black bands” on the right and left sides of the screen on the 11″ and 12.9″ iPad (iPad Pro). Using the entire screen space provides customers with a more immersive experience, as well as increased readability for wine lists with a lot of references.

Carte vins iPad tablette

Multi-cellar filter

COENA allows you to manage several cellars per account, which allows you to have a “service” cellar that is different from an “aging” cellar, and thus to display only the list of wines from the “service” cellar to customers.

In version 2.30 of COENA, we have introduced a cellar filter button, allowing, in the administration interface, to display only the wines of a certain cellar or of all the cellars.

Gestion multi caves vins iPad carte

This button is visible in the “wine management” section on the top right. By pressing this button, the list of available cellars appears and you can filter the current list by cellar or display the wines of all the cellars.

Multi caves filtres carte vins iPad


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