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LUIGIA’s wine list on iPad: an escape in the heart of Italy

Restaurants LUIGIA carte vin numérique

LUIGIA: an escape in the heart of Italy

Geneva, Nyon, Lausanne, Fribourg, Dubaï, Sion, Zurich: Luigia, is more than a restaurant, above all it is a love story.

Founded in 2010, the restaurants LUIGIA have a solid reputation. Accordingly to the italian guide Gambero Rosso, their pizzas are in the top 10 best in the world (outside Italy). An innovative spirit, keeping in mind the real values, caring for the environment and respecting the products, whatever the desires and budget are, an amicable and family-friendly atmosphere awaits customers.

A passion above all

The old saying “Unity is Strength” proves its rightness by uniting Luigi Guarnaccia and Enrico Coppola, the two founders of Luigia. They are both visionaries, passionate about their metier and they simply wish to share their passion for the Italian cuisine with a large public. Madly in love with this beautiful country, their mission today is to criss-cross Italy in search of the best products, created by small and unique producers and to make them available for the Luigia customers. It is also the creation of outstanding pizzas, which makes the reputation of Luigia.

The particularly smooth and light dough is the result of an in-depth study. It rests for 72 hours before being baked and only the freshest products are added to create unique Pizza compositions that cannot be found anywhere else and therefore Luigia is outstanding in Switzerland.
Luigia goes beyond the borders today, so that Italy is put in the spotlight through its gastronomy, as well as its “savoir-vivre”.

A tribute to LUIGIA, the grandmother of us all


More than a restaurant, Luigia is first and foremost, a tribute to life and the family traditions. Our society is anchored by lasting values and it is essential for us humans to reconnect with the values inspired by our grandmothers. To enjoy the moment with a good meal, is thus the whole philosophy of Luigia!

A simple and authentic cuisine, this is all that one needs to get pleasant feelings!

Simplicity equals success

Fresh products, high quality through an Italian-style know-how, a faithful and friendly team, give this unique place all the credibility for its success. It is three times a week that Italian producers travel from far to deliver their products directly to the restaurants, so that the Chefs can immediately create fresh and authentic dishes. A contemporary décor is combined with a typically Italian atmosphere where life is enjoyable, Luigia is the ideal place to share timeless moments. A Business lunch, a romantic dinner, a family meal to celebrate a special event, or our take-away service for customers to savour the excellent dishes at home, Luigia knows how to welcome and to make customers feel at home.

LUIGIA cascata di parma

LUIGIA’s wine list on iPad: the authenticity blended with digital experience

The authenticity of the restaurants LUIGIA mixed itself very well with COENA’s wine list of iPad. With more than 90 labels on LUIGIA’s wine list, 90% of those being from Italy, customer of the restaurant are invited to navigate the list in three languages (french, english and german), which is essential for a country such as Switzerland:


Each wine on the list is presented in great details to customers, telling a story made for remember:

  • wine bottle photo
  • location of the wine domain on Italian mini-maps
  • tasting notes
  • food pairing
  • domain’s description with photo
  • producer’s description with photo
Wine List Navigation per Italian regions
Wine list iPad Italian Restaurant LUIGIA
Wine tasting notes and food pairing
Wine tasting notes food pairing iPad italian restaurant LUIGIA
Wine domain description and photo
Wine domain description and photo italian restaurant iPad LUIGIA
Wine producer description and photo
Wine producer description and photo iPad italian restaurant
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Wine List Navigation per Italian regions
Wine tasting notes and food pairing
Wine domain description and photo
Wine producer description and photo
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Food pairing

In addition to allowing LUIGIA’s customers to navigate the wine list per region and color, COENA’s wine list on iPad let them also search for wines that perfectly matches the restaurant’s dishes. They just have to type a couple of letters from the dish they are looking a pairing for with the iPad keyboard, and the list of filtered wines recommended by the sommelier appears.

What’s about a tasty Nero d’Avola 2016 to go with your Pizza Trentina ?

Wine and Food Pairing iPad Wine List Italian Restaurant

The benefits of going digital with the wine list

With close to 8 restaurants across Switzerland and Dubaï, LUIGIA and its Director of F&B are now able to update all the wine lists on iPad from all the restaurants in a couple of seconds. They use COENA’s administration portal, running on the same iPads within the same application.

There is no need for any additional computer to manage their wine list, nor any complicated back end software. The administration portal of COENA allows anyone within the restaurant having administrators privileges to add, remove or modify a wine description within the list in a very simple way, from anywhere.

Updates are pushed to all iPads connected to the account in a matter of seconds, which guarantees that all restaurants have always an up-to-date wine list.

Updating a wine list on iPad

It was never so easy to manage a wine list while offering an unique, interactive and digital experience to customers.

Interested in knowing more about COENA’s wine list on iPad ?

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