Tutorial: Editing the wine details information of the wine

Editing wine information details on iPad

The wine details editor screen has three panes that you can access by pushing on the buttons at the bottom of the screen:

In this article, we describe the fields on the first pane: name/region/prices.

1. Wine Details (Name, Region, Prices)

Editing wine information details on iPad

On this screen, you will be able to (from top to bottom):

  • Choose a category for the wine
  • Type the appellation of the wine (e.g: AOC Bordeaux Supérieur)
  • Type the domain/ producer of the wine (e.g: Château Felon)
  • Select the vintage with the “+” and “-” buttons (note: if you don’t want to select a vintage, for example for champagnes, use the “X” button to remove the vintage year)
  • Select the country of the wine from the dropdown list
  • Select the region of the wine from the dropdown list

Note: if the country or the region is not listed in the dropdown list, pick “Other”. The list of regions is growing as our catalogue grows.

Note 2: when a mini-map from the wine region is available, it will be shown within the gray square on the right of the region. If no mini-map from a specific region is found, a map of the country will be shown.

Filling the price table

For each volume of wine you own, enter:

  • the selling price: that’s the price, taxes included, that will be shown to customers on the wine list
  • the purchased price (Inventory management module required): the price (tax excluded) you bought the wine volume
  • the entry stock (Inventory management module required): the initial stock (number of bottles from the specified volume entered in stock)

Note 1 : setting a selling price to “0” (zero) will hide the wine from the list if the inventory management module is NOT activated. If the inventory management module IS activated, only wines which stock is zero or less will be hidden from the list.

Note 2: there is no purchase price nor entry stock fields for the “glass” volume.

Note 3: you can’t enter a selling price for both a standard size bottle and a magnum/jeroboam bottle. You’ll need to duplicate the wine. Also, you can’t specify a price for the 37.5cl volume AND 50cl – you’ll need to duplicate the wine as well.

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