Best Wines in the World in Vivino’s 2020 Wine Style Awards

Vivino, the largest online wine marketplace and most downloaded wine app unveiled the world’s best wines recently.

For the second year in a row, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon took top honors with Hundred Acre’s Kayli Morgan Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 earning the title as best wine in the world with a 4.84 rating, ever so slightly edging out last year’s winning producer, Scarecrow. The complete list of styles and winners can be viewed at

Vivino is a fantastic app that uses data from 43 million wine drinkers to determine the world’s favorite wines. With this app, linked to a community of wine lovers, every wine in the world has the chance to win, there are no submissions or payments. 

Endorsing the diversity of the world wine domains

In Vivino’s ranking, several interesting wine domains are illustrated – they named it “Discovery regions”

Discovery Regions: 2019 Was The Year Of The Curious Wine Drinker
Unconventional regions, varieties, and philosophies provide an endless wine world waiting to be discovered that Vivino has now made accessible. In 2019, we saw just how curious wine drinkers are with 14 new styles like Israeli Cabernet Sauvignon and Greek Nemea Red arriving on the Wine Style Award scene. While the Jura region of France has been a favorite among industry professionals for some time, 2019 saw a continued increase in popularity and esteem among consumers too with the top 10 wines in the Jura White category receiving an average rating of 4.2. Israel, a historic winegrowing region that has made a comeback in recent years producing Bordeaux varietals in terroir-specific microclimates, received its first Wine Style Award showing this year for Israeli Cabernet Sauvignon . We also see that Brazilian wines are improving – Brazil has seen the most consecutive rating improvement quarterly since 2015, almost 0.4 points up overall for Merlot, Chardonnay, and Cabernet. This is also representative of Vivino’s growing user base in South America.

What this means for a perfect wine list on iPad

What this means to your wine list is that endorsing wines from all over the world is probably a very good idea to satisfy customers that are getting more and more curious. At COENA, our wine list on iPad product shows the wine grouped by region or appellation. The product is updated on a weekly basis depending on the variety of our customers’ wine list. Next to the majority of the wine domains/regions is a mini-map with the region location in the country. Here is an example showing the mini-maps for a couple of French wine regions:

Natural Wines on the Rise

Another trend highlighted by Vivino’s ranking is the rise of natural wines:

In hotspots such as France’s Beaujolais, Loire Valley, and Jura, natural wines dominated, with Vivino’s users clearly loving these region’s low-intervention wines. Nine of the 10 winning Beaujolais reds were natural wines, proving that when it comes to Gamay, consumers love natural wines. In total, natural wines won six styles: Austrian Blaufränkisch, Beaujolais Red, Jura White, Loire Chenin Blanc, Northern Italy Pinot Grigio, and Southern Italy White.

What this means for a perfect wine list on iPad

At COENA, our wine list on iPad enables sommeliers to highlight organic and natural wines easily. An icon next to the wine highlights clearly those wines, so that curious customers can see them at a glance.

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